Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Last Word on Last Night

I feel like I’ve been running on a half tank today after yesterday’s primary election frenzy. I think I may have over blogged myself.

After squeezing in a couple of poll visits during the workday I met up with HoCo Rising and Indiana Jane at the Iron Bridge Wine Company to buy a fellow blogger a drink for his birthday.

My first stop after that was Ken Ulman’s campaign HQ in the Lakeside shopping center just off Dobbin Road in Columbia. When I arrived, the first returns indicating that Mary Kay had won the day had just come in from the Board of Elections. The first candidate I actually spoke with was John Bailey. Even that early in the evening he knew that the game was up. I felt bad for the guy. No one can say that he didn’t work his butt off in this election but it in the end it just wasn’t enough.

I also ran into more than a couple of well known Republicans among the gathered Dems. Mike Davis and Lin Eagan among others were there to show their support for Mary Kay.

Jim Robey asked me where my microphone was. I suppose from now on he’ll see me as a podcaster instead of a commercial real estate guy…not that there is anything wrong with that.

Calvin Ball told me that he had spent the afternoon working the Dunloggin polling station for Mary Kay. I told him that HoCo Rising had mentioned that when he dropped by Dunloggin there was no one there for Mary Kay. It looks like these two just missed each other.

The big gun, Elijah Cummings dropped by too. I may not always agree with his politics but the more I talk with him the more I like him as a person.

When I arrived across town at the GOP gathering at Union Jacks the first group I ran into was David Yungmann, Kristi Simon and Ed Wadell. Ed bought me my third and final glass of wine for the night. Thanks Ed.

With wine in hand I went over to talk with Trevor who was talking with Dennis Schrader and his campaign manager Sharon Gilbert. Dennis told me that he had knocked on about 3,000 doors in District 3 and was feeling pretty good about his prospects. I told him that the word from the Dem camp was that Ken was going to turn his attention to helping Jen Terrasa now that Mary Kay was taken care of. Dennis didn’t seem too concerned.

He did tell me he thought that Ken should be concerned about his own race. I asked him what he was drinking. He sincerely believes Trent Kittleman has a good chance to upset the county executive in November. I’m just not seeing it.

Before leaving I spent a few minutes with Bob Wheatley. Bob seems pumped for his showdown with the now battle scarred Liz Bobo. He seems wholly undeterred by the odds but then again it was a night when all things seemed possible.
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