Sunday, September 26, 2010

Failed Intentions

 I had intended to take in the Fall Arts Festival in Ellicott City yesterday. I never made it. In the morning I hooked up with two of my old high school buddies for eighteen holes of golf at Fairway Hills. It was pretty out hot out there but at least there was an occasional breeze.

Out on the 11th through 15th holes we could hear the music from the Virgin Fest at Merriweather. There were helicopters hovering around Town Center too. I quipped to my fellow golfers that the noise of the copter was affecting my concentration. Yeah right.

I couldn't tell if it was the HoCo Po's whirlybird.

We finished up around 3:00 PM but we didn't get down to Ellicott City until 5:00 PM, just as they were closing down the beer garden in Tiber Alley. Undeterred we sampled a couple of the pumpkin brews in The Phoenix.

My other intention was to write a blog post about my picks for the House of Delegates in 9A when I finally made it back home. That didn't happen either. The combination of the pumpkin beer, the day in the sun and the new interface on Blogger did me in.
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