Sunday, September 26, 2010

An Afternoon with Chuck

Chuck Ecker has to be one of the most self effacing politicians I’ve ever known. While he understandably takes pride in what he was achieved in public service, both as county executive and as superintendent of the Carroll County school system, he doesn’t hesitate to share the credit. Chuck’s leadership strength derives from his ability to bring opposing forces together to create consensus for moving forward. He was an easy guest and the conversation flowed from his time in office twenty years ago to the current political races.

One of the news stories we picked for the show was actually a blog post from HoCo Rising, “Brian Meshkin: The Unauthorized Biography.” Tom’s peak behind the curtain of the school board candidates resume was rather unflattering and inflamed his supporters. This blog posting was far better than the fluff pieces The Sun has been running on the various candidates for school board. Inspired by Tom’s stab at investigative journalism I have begun my own digging into Meshkins firm, Salugen Biosciences.

Our “two minute” guest for this episode was Chris Oxenham, local GOP activist and former candidate for the HoCo Republican Party Central Committee. Chris is outspoken and passionate about his party and loco politics.

You can listen to the 24th episode of “and then there’s that…” here.
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