Friday, August 20, 2010

Liz Biz Vid

Delegate Elizabeth Bobo has consistently received low rankings from Maryland Business for Responsive Government. Out of the six delegates representing Howard County in the Maryland General Assembly, Liz has the lowest cumulative rank from her fifteen years in office. I suppose that is why she felt compelled to create yet another video showing how much she empathizes and relates to business people.

In a staged and seemingly heavily edited video on her deck, she has a roundtable discussion with Brian England of British American Auto Care, Dr. Terri Hill, a plastic surgeon and Richard Duetscham, a vice president of GroSolar. Curiously though, she spends most of the video promoting government created jobs as opposed to private sector job creation.

It is also interesting to note that none of her roundtable business people actually operate a business in her district. This is interesting because her district covers all of Town Center with about a million square feet of retail and almost two million square feet of office space. Couldn’t she find a business in all that space in her district that likes her?

There are so many other things odd about this awkward business discussion. It seems that just when it could get interesting something gets edited out.

Liz seems to enjoy these staged and edited interactions better than facing real questions from informed questioners. She is still the only local politician from either party who has declined to be a guest on our podcast.

And then there’s that…
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