Sunday, September 19, 2010


“Can you tell me how many green lights are on the router?”

That was easy, none.

I had arrived home in the late afternoon on Friday only to find that I couldn’t get on the internet. When I called the Verizon FIOS support number the recording suggested I try the online troubleshooting first as “that often is the quickest way to fix a problem,” or something like that.

That of course assumes you can get online.

When I finally got the opportunity to speak with customer service we quickly ascertained that the cause of my disconnect was a bad transformer.

“We’ll ship one out to you and you should have it by Monday.”


That was it, despite my entreaties that there must be some way to get this seemingly simple part sooner, the bottom line was that our household would be without internet this weekend. I first broke the news to Peanut.

“No You Tube?”

No You Tube.

“No Facebook?”

No Facebook.

Blog posts of course were out of the question as well, from home at least. Though theoretically doable, I just wasn’t up to attempting a blog post with my smart phone.

It wasn’t just the internet that was affected by this equipment failure either. The FIOS On Demand service was also disabled. No internet no on demand, who knew?

Peanut was relieved to discover that Fred the Movie wouldn’t be impacted though. She had been looking forward to this all week.

As for me, I too am grateful that the broadcast of the Ravens game will not be affected either.

Go Ravens!
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