Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Shopping 08 Part 1

I stopped by The Mall this afternoon. I wanted to sneak in a little Christmas shopping in the middle of the work day. The commercial real estate market is a little soft right now so I didn’t think I’d be missed around the office for a couple hours.

Anyway, I was on a mission to find a lazy susan. That’s what Mama Wordbones wants for Christmas and I thought it would be a pretty simple request to fill. I thought wrong, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

My first stop was Restoration Hardware but not to look for a lazy susan. I went there to find some funny Christmas stuff. Suffice it to say that they have a wide variety of funny and a bit off beat stocking stuffers. Last year I purchased eight blinking reindeer noses for dinner gifts on Christmas Eve.

Anyway, as I entered the store I see this guy wearing a blue cape and a Lone Ranger mask. Written in pen on tape along the back of the cape was “Super Dave.” I thought this was a tad odd but I was certain there had to be some logical reason as to why this guy was dressed up as some kind of super hero.
There was. I soon discovered this display of “Super Hero in a box.” So there it is, if you want to be a super hero this Christmas all you have to do is go to Restoration Hardware and shell out twenty two bucks.

That wasn’t for me though. I’m no super hero. I opted instead for a pack of lies. For ten bucks I got a set of 50 playing card size cards with “the best excuses and lies for every occasion.” I’m not sure who I’m giving this to yet but it will surely be someone special.

And oh yeah, Super Dave is actually David Trent in real life.

After that experience I began my search in earnest for a lazy Susan. My first stop was the new Williams Sonoma store. It turns out they don’t carry lazy susans. “We get a lot of requests for them, “I was told by nice lady wearing a green apron, “Lazy susans and spice racks.”

They don’t carry spice racks either?

I left Williams Sonoma and went up to Le Gourmet Chef. Surely this kitchen gadget store carries lazy Susans. In fact they don’t. The very helpful staff recommended I try Crate and Barrel.

Of course, Crate and Barrel doesn’t have a store in Columbia. They do have a website though and that’s where I’m headed next.


Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a wooden lazy susan, you may find it at the oak store off of Red Branch Road. I purchased one there but it has been many years since. Good luck on your search!