Saturday, July 03, 2010

Once a Cop….

After we finished our podcast with Jim Robey last Thursday I commented to Paul and Dave that it was a shame we didn’t capture our off mic conservations too. We spoke with Jim at length both before we started recording and after we finished. Of course there is a reason we didn’t record those conversations. Jim was much more candid about politics and fellow politicians off the record. I will say that he seemed somewhat surprised that Liz had turned us down for being a guest on the show. That’s all I say about that…for now

Such is the nature of the beast.

Still, the thing that makes Jim Robey such an interesting guy to talk to is the fact that not only has he grown up in HoCo, he has witnessed our growing county from the seat of a patrol car, as police chief, as a two term county executive and now as a state legislator.

When Paul asked him which was his favorite job he didn’t hesitate when he said was being a county policeman. When Jim was on the on the streets HoCo only had eighteen patrol officers.

I bet he liked the county executives salary better though.

You can listen to our latest edition of “and then there’s that…” here.
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