Thursday, September 30, 2010

Referendum Reversal in MoCo

Yesterday the Maryland Court of Appeals overturned the MoCo Board of Elections decision that invalidated the petitions seeking to put the issue of ambulance fees on the November ballot. According to this story by Michael Laris in The Washington Post, "Maryland's highest court ruled in favor of the petition signers."

"In a 5 to 2 decision, with an opinion to come later, the majority ordered the lower court to have the referendum placed on the ballot in November."

 This decision could have repercussions in HoCo. Marc Norman and his Citizens for Open Government, are also awaiting their own decision from the Court of Appeals on their failed petition drive to keep Harris Teeter out of Turf Valley. No doubt Marc and the other anti development activists in HoCo are heartened by this turn of events over in MoCo.

 "Exactly what the decision will mean for petition signers - and gatherers - across the state will depend on the judges' written opinion."

 Stay tuned.

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