Thursday, September 16, 2010


Visitors to Ellicott City can now spend the night right on Main Street instead of a nearby hotel. Tonight, The Obladi held a grand opening celebration after a long spring and summer of transforming the former dressmakers shop into a very unique four room inn.

They basically gutted the place and rebuilt it from the inside out. The owners had originally hoped to open last month.

Keeping with the Beatles theme, instead of numbers the rooms are labeled J, P, G, and R for you know who.
It really is a cool place. Each room has its own large private bath and there is a common room and patio for the guests as well.
The proprietors, Suzanne Wilson and T were assisted in the ribbon cutting by county executive Ken Ulman whose own little construction project in Ellicott City is also running a little behind schedule.

Oblada, life goes on…
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