Thursday, May 13, 2010

District 3 Council Endorsement

It’s a long way to November but it’s not too soon to start lining up behind some of the contenders. In fact, I think I’ll spread out my picks over the course of the next six months or so in order to present the case for each individual, as opposed to doing them in groups. I’ll start with the easier ones.

It will probably come as no surprise that I like Dennis Schrader in his bid to reclaim the District 3 council seat he held from 1994 to 1998. Jen Terrassa is the first term incumbent.

Jen Terrasa is a nice person who works hard. I just don’t think the job agrees with her.

Dennis, on the other hand, is the kind of person who understands the dynamics of the burgeoning cyber security sector and how our county can best benefit from it. I find him to be a political moderate as well. His experience in planning and development with the University of Maryland Medical Center would also be a real asset to have on the council as the county begins to embark on it’s next growth spurt.

Until last November when he was our guest on “and then there’s that…,” I probably knew his wife Sandy better than him. The more I know him, the more I like him. You can listen to that podcast here.


Anonymous said...

This is the second time in all of history that I agree with you on the district 3 pick.

Unfortunately, it also gives me pause considering your framing Schrader as a gung ho develop at all cost to taxpayer kind of representative.

6 of one a dozen of the other, my good man. 6 of one, Terrasa to Schrader in that case..

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:31. where did WB describe Dennis as a "gung ho develop at all cost to taxpayer kind of representative"? That's your narrow minded interpretation. WB actually said he believes Dennis "understands" development, which will always be a big county issue, better than Terrasa. Nonetheless, I agree with both of you that Dennis is better suited for the job. Terrasa is a really good person but the job just seems over her head most fo teh time.

GORDON said...

I am not in District 3 but I would vote for Dennis Schrader if I were.I have known him personally and by reputation for years and find him well qualified and experienced. His only problem is he should be running for the Maryland legislature or Congress. He has set his sights too low.

Tom said...

A smart strategy by experienced republican politician. Go to the grass roots where you can get elected and start influencing local get the confidence of the electorate for and move up to more influential position in future elections. Dennis will be a great CC member.

Michael Ratcliffe said...

I'm glad to see Dennis running for the District 3 seat. When he represented Dist 3 on the Council years ago, he actively worked to bring improvements to the North Laurel area. He formed the North Laurel-Savage Planning Committee to help advise him and to help advocate for change. As a result of his and others' efforts, High Ridge Park was funded and developed; land for North Laurel Park was purchased and plans for a community center put in place; infrastructure improvements were made in the neighborhood off Baltimore Avenue. Dennis was a highly effective representative.

Anonymous said...

It seems like Terrassa is smart and a nice person. Does she know how to get the votes she needs to get things done?

In the few times I have watched the Council or read about her in the paper, she seems confused and almost always on the wrong side of a 4-1 or 3-2 vote. That doesn’t serve her constituents well, especially since it appears she is the last person any of the other council members go to in order to get something done. I’m sure there are lots of nice and smart people. Can she be effective? She hasn’t shown that kind of political savvy yet.

Anonymous said...

You were wrong on this endorsement. Jen Terrasa has been a leader in serving her community. She and Mary Kay Sigaty showed true leadership in their work on the Village Center legislation.

Jen worked tirelessly to make sure her constituents knew what the draft legislation and amendments was about and had input into the final legislation. She cares deeply about working for what is best for her district and its residents. She is a true advocate and not willing to play political games.

Anonymous said...

You make some bold statements in this endorsement that you fail to quantify with any facts. You say the job doesn't suit Jen Back this up please, because that is a powerful statement. The evidence I have seen is that Jen Terrasa is deeply concerned with public safety, and has a bold vision for the redevelopment of the economically depressed Route 1 corridor. To include exploitation of our MARC rail system. The projects that Jen Terrasa has championed will be vital to Howard County's growth in the BRAC era.
Next you say that Dennis Schrader can take advantage of the growing cyber security sector. But the evidence shows otherwise.

1. Cyber Security cannot exist without the government spending Schrader, Ehrlich, and the GOP have lobbied against

2. The cyber security center is in AA County, not Howard

3. What specifics has Dennis Schrader articulated to help Howard County obtain these important, taxpayer-funded, jobs in AA County. If you know his secret plan, please don't hold out.