Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Federal Lawsuit Update 10

If Susan Gray, and her merry band of plaintiffs led by Paul Kendall, Phillip Rousseau, and Frank Martin have their way, the federal government would be given oversight of HoCo zoning and land use.

The county recently filed a response to Paul Kendall, Philip Rousseau and Frank Martins last ditch attempt to get the federal courts to overturn fifteen years of zoning and land use decisions in Howard County. The latest chapter in this two year legal saga is being played out in the United States Court of Appeals.

In their answer to the appeal, the HoCo attorneys argue that the plaintiffs, “in support of their own appeal, ask this Court to interpret County law in a way that, according to the Residents’ own allegations, directly contradicts the County’s long and well established legal and regulatory framework for land use and zoning.”

This small group of activists would like to see nothing less than “the total dismantling of the County’s land use and zoning procedures as well as federal oversight of the process “in perpetuity.”

And some people think that this is just about a grocery store

Thanks again and a wag of wordbones tail to Lotsabogeys for continuing to track the filings in this case for me.
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