Friday, September 10, 2010

Poll Talk

I voted early last night. I went to the Ellicott City Senior Center around 6:30 PM and there was no wait. I was in and out in a matter of minutes. My voting was limited to school board candidates since I am registered independent so it wasn’t like I needed that much time anyway. I asked the poll workers if they had been busy since there was only one other person voting when I got there. They told me that yesterday was fairly busy and that the number of people taking advantage of this new accommodation had steadily increased over the four days or so that it was available. That seemed to contradict what was reported in this story in The Sun.

I cast my ballot for Frank Aquino, David Gertler, David Proudfoot and Larry Walker.

As I was leaving I stopped to chat for a moment with the three people who were working the polling station on behalf of candidates. In fact, one of them was a candidate herself, Leslie Smith Turner, who is running for Orphans Court Judge. I learned that Leslie is also the wife of District 13 Delegate, Frank Turner.

One of the other people I spoke with was Zola Boone. Zola lives in Council District 4 and so I asked her who she was supporting in the council primary. She told me that though she supported Mary Kay Sigaty last time around this time she was leaning towards Alan Klein. When I asked what it was about Alan that she liked her answer threw me for a loop.

“I think he’ll do a better job with education.”


I asked her if she knew that Mary Kay had served on the Board of Education before becoming a council member. She said she knew that. She couldn’t tell me exactly what it was about Alan’s “education policies” that she liked. I told her I thought that Alan was anti business. She said she may have to reconsider.

If I were Mary Kay I wouldn’t worry too much about Ms Boone, at least not yet. She also told me she’s a registered Republican.
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