Thursday, September 09, 2010

Delegate Bobo’s Reading Problem

Delegate Liz Bobo seems to have a reading problem, particularly when it comes to legislation. First, it was her belief that the bond bill she sponsored for the redevelopment of Symphony Woods had to be used right away for a “shovel ready” project. A closer reading of the bill reveals that this was never the case.

Now she is chastising the HoCo Board of Education for not making accommodations for a new school site in the Town Center redevelopment legislation. According to this story by Larry Carson in The Sun, Liz accused the board of “not reserving a site for a possible new school for the proposed 30-year Columbia redevelopment.”

If she had actually read the legislation she would have known that this isn’t true.

In responding to Liz, board member Ellen Flynn Giles sought to educate the state delegate.

“The zoning gives the board the ability to study school needs in downtown Columbia before the first building permit is granted, which would allow the board to review the enrollment projections closer to actual construction. The board then has the right under the approved plan to reserve a school site when 10 percent of new residences are built. The site must be provided before a quarter of the units are completed, she said”

Perhaps Liz is relying too much on the Cliff Notes version of the Town Center legislation from her sidekick Alan Klein.

You’d think she’d know better.
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