Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"A Groundswell of Anger"

As he concluded his closing statement tonight at the League of Women Voters candidates forum, Reginald Avery raised both arms and voice and declared "There is a groundswell of anger" out there.

An awkward silence followed.

He did poke a little fun at himself when he made his opening statement. He said that he knew some people thought of him as the mystery man because of his late entry into the race. Other than that it was an overall pretty weak showing for Mr. Avery. He readily admitted that while he had looked at the budget (he mentioned something about how he needed to touch it) he hasn't actually read it . He made some comment about how long it is, "over sixty pages."

But the type is big. I think he could handle it.

There were other notable moments as well  but I seriously lack the energy to write anymore tonight. My day started with my annual stress test and ended at 8:30 PM in Smith theatre listening to loco candidates...lots of loco candidates.

I was one of the few people in the audience who wasn't associated with a campaign. The audience changed each time the occupants of the dais changed, except for me, Len, Larry, and Kristi.

Do I know how to have fun or what?

The kicker was that the group I really wanted to listen were the District 13 General Assembly candidates but by the time they took to the stage I was done. I'll just have to catch them later on the rebroadcast on hcpsstv.com.

I'll share more tomorrow. Time now to de-stress.
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