Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mid Day Report

I drove around the polling places in District 4 after lunch today to see how things were going. At Longfellow Elementary School I spoke with two of the “Firefighters for Sigaty” , Keegan and Adam Nolder who told me that things had picked up a little around noon. They said they had also been going door to door for Mary Kay over the past few weeks and noted that in the neighborhoods along Columbia Road support for the incumbent councilperson was pretty strong.

From there I swung over to Swansfield Elementary where I ran into local blogging legend, Hayduke who was also working the poll for Mary Kay. As fate would have it I also ran into Liz Bobo and Lloyd Knowles. Though Lloyd pretty much avoided me, Liz and I were able to share a brief laugh. I had just told Hayduke that I seemed to recall that in the past bars weren’t allowed to open on Election Day until after the polls closed. I asked Liz if she remembered when that changed.

“Before my time,” she responded.

I do intend to make the rounds of a few bars tonight starting with Victoria around 6ish. Hopefully I run into some fellow loco politico wonks to trade notes on the day’s proceedings over a beer or two. From there I’ll venture to Ken Ulman’s HQ on Dobbin Road and then wind my evening up the Repubs at Union Jacks all of which will lead to an election night post when I return home.

Stay tuned…
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