Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Primary Night Report from the Blue Camp

It’s late, I’ve had three glasses wine and enough loco politics to sink a battleship tonight but I wanted to get off a couple of posts before retiring for the evening.

After joining fellow blogger Tom Coale for a birthday drink tonight at the Iron Bridge Wine Company, I headed over to Ken Ulman’s campaign headquarters. When I arrived around 8:30 PM the early returns were showing Mary Kay Sigaty with a commanding lead over Alan Klein and Liz Bobo with an even more commanding lead over John Bailey. In other words, the election was turning out pretty much the way many thought it would.

The big news among the Dems however was how this primary battle diminished Liz’s standing in her own party. Her decision to back a losing candidate against a popular incumbent marks a turning point in her political power. It certainly changes the dynamic for the general election in November. While Mary Kay emerges stronger from this primary battle, Liz is definitely weaker.

Though Liz beat John Bailey by a wide margin she’ll find Bob Wheatley a much tougher opponent in the next go round. She better hope she can mend some fences with her Dem colleagues before then.
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