Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Fest a "Roaring" Success

Local blog readers who read Sarah's account of the Virgin Mobile Free Fest at Merriweather will not be surprised that it also got a great review in The Washington Post today. The only thing missing from Sarah's recap was the performance of LCD Soundsystem, which was aptly covered in the paper.

WAPO staff writers, Chris Richards and David Maliitz described it as "a 90-minute grand finale that spliced together rock-and-roll's bombast and disco's invincible pulse. "

Apparently their performance included a disco ball.

"But let's talk about that disco ball. It was a massive orb worthy of Sisyphus -- a hulking metaphor hanging over the heads of frontman James Murphy and the six supporting members of LCD Soundsystem, who put painstaking, workmanlike effort into their exhilarating songbook. After hours and hours (and hours!) of live music, thousands of exhausted fans lunged from their seats to throw their filthy hands toward the shimmering sphere overhead. "
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