Saturday, September 11, 2010

Everyone Loves HoCo

When I pulled into Town Center yesterday afternoon I noticed a line of black SUV’s parked in front of the American Cities Building. Upon closer inspection I noticed that each one sported an Erhlich for Governor bumper sticker. I figured that this was a pretty good sign that the former guv must be around somewhere.

As it turns out, he was in Clyde’s for one of his business roundtable meetings that he has been hosting around the state. Since we were already planning on taping our podcast at the restaurant, I asked Bob if might join us for a few minutes.

Of course we already had a guest for the show, Rachelina Bonacci, the executive director of Howard County Tourism. We asked her if she’d mind sharing her guest spot and she readily agreed. She told us that this had actually happened to her once before when she was interviewing the Farm Queen and Bob interrupted her to borrow the queen for a photo opp.

With two guests and our regular stuff, episode 23 was our longest so far, almost forty minutes. In addition to having the Republican gubernatorial candidate explain why he is spending so much time in HoCo we also found out why we all should spend more time in HoCo this fall. Rachelina told us that there are 23 farms open to the public in HoCo this fall with everything for the family from apple fritters to corn mazes. She also provided some interesting background stuff on the selection process for the Money Magazine recognition of Columbia/Ellicott City as the second best place to live in the country. Rachelina fully intends for us to grab the number one spot the next time around.

You can listen to the latest episode of “and then there’s that…” here.
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