Sunday, September 12, 2010

CA’s Web 2.0 Ecosystem

I received an email this week from a guy named Chris Rollyson who informed me that Tales of Two Cities was in the Top 20 of local blogs in the Columbia Associations “Web 2.0 ecosystem.”

Top 20?

I counted them up and could only get to about 15 local blogs. Nonetheless, Chris went on to explain that his company, CSRA, Inc. had “evaluated Columbia’s “online voices” for engagement, depth, visibility, influence and many other factors”

Many other factors?

He then invited me to participate in a survey by asking “Are you game?”

Sure, I’m game. I went ahead and took the survey. Well at least I sort of took it. It wasn’t a very good survey in my opinion. For example, question number five asked “How many hours per month do you spend discussing and acting on Columbia community issues?”

I answered “Too many.”

Another asked “What are the best Offline venues for discussing community issuers (group or meeting names).” They provided five spaces. I thought about naming five local bars but I left all five spaces blank instead.

Question number 9 asked “With regard to Columbians online activity, what issues need to be discussed LESS often?”


They provided three spaces. I couldn’t think of one. I left this one blank as well.

Number ten asked “If you could change TWO things about Columbia’s online community of blogs, social networks, Twitter streams, YouTube channels and websites, what would those things be?”

I had no idea of where to go with that one.

As near as I can tell, CSRA is one man operation based in Chicago. Considering the wealth of social media expertise available right here in HoCo, I found it odd that a guy from Chicago, who is largely clueless about the local “Web 2.0 ecosystem,” was hired for this project. He even sent me a subsequent email asking me who 53 Beers on Tap was.

I’m fairly certain a local consultant wouldn’t have had to ask that question.
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