Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dude Had a Camera!

You can almost hear the guy saying, “F%#k! Dude had a camera!”

He can’t even venture out for pizza right now for fear of being spotted. If this goes viral he’s really screwed.

I’m referring of course to the so called “Preppy Burglar” who was captured, or at least his image was, breaking into a home in Highland. According to this story by Peter Hermann in The Sun, the unidentified homeowner had installed a video camera by his front door after being broken into earlier. The video is priceless, Investigators were “as surprised by the quality of the video as they were by the way the man was dressed, quickly dubbed him the "Preppy Burglar." They released two videos Wednesday and have posted a $500 reward for help in his capture."

The story includes a copy of the video and it’s worth checking out if you have a black sense of humor like mine. If anybody knows this guy they’ll likely recognize him immediately.
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