Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mother Lied

In a comment posted in the Letters to the Editor section of Explore Howard, Barbara Russell, who claims to be Columbia’s first mother, made a startling statement about the new Walgreens in Oakland Mills.

“However, I will say that it is a shameful example of the county choosing to ignore the requests of the residents of Thunder Hill and Talbot Springs neighborhoods who will be most affected. These neighbors were unanimous in their opposition to the Walgreens project at that location for very good reasons, a major one being the unsafe traffic situation at that corner.”

The residents of Thunder Hill and Talbott Springs were unanimous in their opposition?

That is simply not true but the truth is a bit elusive for Mother Russell. She goes on to say that “there is a pharmacy located in the health care complex located practically across the street from the Walgreens site.”

That’s a stretch. In fact it is over a half mile away, across Route 175, with no sidewalk or pathway connecting it to the residences in the village.

Come on mom!
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