Monday, May 10, 2010

Stanford Grill to Open May 24th

Okay, I admit I got it wrong the first time when said The Stanford Grill would open in March. At least I owned up to my premature speculation when I later posted that it would open in mid May.

May 24th still counts as mid May, doesn’t it?

I received an email today from the new restaurants PR firm informing me that The Stanford Grill, “a restaurant offering fresh American cuisine made from scratch every day, opens May 24 at 8900 Stanford Blvd. in Columbia.”

That’s the former Lone Star Steakhouse in case you haven’t been keeping up. It’s one of those uniquely Columbia locations that you can see but you can’t figure out how to get to.

It looks and sounds like it might be worth the effort to try.

“Stanford Grill offers traditional and distinct chef-inspired American entrees, specializing in hickory-grilled steak, Eastern Shore crab cakes, wood-grilled fish and wood-fired rotisserie chicken, which guests can pair with red or white wine. Further, Stanford Grill features a full bar offering alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, specializing in fine wine and creative cocktails.”

It doesn’t look much like the old Lone Star. The new owners, Howard County based Blue Ridge Restaurant Group have easily spent a million bucks giving the former roadhouse themed building an extreme makeover.
I’ll have more to say about the watering hole the weekend prior to the opening. Somewhat surprisingly this blog helped me snag an invite to the “press preview” prior to opening which I’m hoping includes plenty of free drinks and food.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Good deal! Blogging finally pays off!

Lotsabogeys said...

It is another
Copper Canyon Grill
under another another name. I have been in the Copper Canyon Grill in Silver Spring twice. I only ate there one of those times and had the wood fired chicken which was good. Maybe the Stanford Grill will have a better bar. The bar at Copper Caynon was like other chain restaurants.