Sunday, May 02, 2010

Good Day for Bubbles & Kites

“It’s a good day for bubbles and kites, too bad I can’t fly the kites,” the Bubble Man said he gestured towards to overhead power lines on Main Street. While he may have been hampered in showing off his prowess with kites he more than compensated with his impromptu bubble instructions to the passersby in front of the Forget Me Not Factory this afternoon.

The hottest item in the bubble world this year is the bubble pistol he’s holding in the photo. The battery powered device shoots a steady stream of bubbles. It also has an LED lite on the tip of the barrel making it popular for evening festivities.

“I sell quite a few to young adults,” he informed me.

In fact he has sold about 300 of these bubble guns in the last four weeks.

I love spring.


Anonymous said...

The Bubble Man is a staple in downtown EC! Happy Vernal Equinox!