Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Perhaps the Best Triathlon in the World

I went for my regular haircut with Wayne last night. I’ve been going to Wayne for a haircut almost as long as I’ve been getting haircuts. Before he moved to the Mall he cut my hair in the Long Reach Village Center.

Wayne is also a triathlete. He’s also been a triathlete for as long as there have been triathlons, or so it seems at least. As for me, I’m more of what is best described as an occasional runner but it is enough of a connection for Wayne and I to converse about whilst he gives me a trim.

"Did you compete in the Columbia Triathlon last Sunday?,” I asked.

Indeed he had. I think he’s competed in every Columbia Triathlon since it’s inception in 1984. This year he ran in the Grand Master category. You have to be sixty or older to be a Grand Master.

I asked him how he did.

“I notice my age in the running more than anything else,” he sighed, “Ten minute miles is more the norm for this group.”

I like ten minute miles. I hope to run one someday.

Wayne has actually participated in a number of triathlons throughout the country. He said that the Columbia race is by far the best and he attributed that largely to its longevity.

“Some volunteers have worked every race for twenty six years.”

Experienced staff always makes thing run more smoothly.

“People come from all over the country for this race. The 1,800 slots are filled up quickly.”

“It may perhaps be the best triathlon in the world.”


HoCoRising said...

I really wanted to do that one, but was supposed to be in trial. I'm signed up for my first Triathlon in DC at the end of June. If posts stop on June 24th ...dredge the Potomac.