Friday, May 07, 2010

The Afternoon After

After the Columbia Foundation Spring Party last night I had a little trouble getting started this morning, hence the late posting. As usual the party was well attended by just about everyone I know in HoCo.

The politico’s of course were there. I saw Ken Ulman and Trent Kittleman who are both hosting their own parties this evening. I didn’t get a chance to speak to Ken but I had a brief conversation with Trent. I showed her where the bar was.

I also spotted Courtney Watson, Jen Terrasa and Mary Kay Sigaty from the council. I never got to speak with Courtney but I did get a chance to talk a bit with Mary Kay at the twenty five forty five party at Union Jacks after the Spring Party. Jen and Mary Kay were the only council members I saw at the party after the party.

Delegates Guy Guzzone and Liz Bobo were there. Late in the party former and perhaps future governor Bob Ehrlich made an appearance and was rumored to have actually hugged Liz. Unfortunately I missed that special moment because I was out on the patio enjoying the fresh evening air with HoCo bloggers, JessieX and Bill Woodcock. We were joined by former Dorsey’s Search Columbia Council rep, Tom O’Connor and James Howard. James told me that he will be a guest blogger on the HoCo Rising blog when Tom takes some time off later this month.

Since it was a school night I didn’t stay at the party after the party very long. I wanted to get back home in time to give my kid a hug before she went bed.


Anonymous said...

I doubt Courtney Watson would've spoken to you unless you had a campaign contribution check in your hand.

HoCoRising said...
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HoCoRising said...

(Deleted post was a little "off" in the grammar department)

The "time off" is anything but (I have a trial in La Plata), however I am really looking forward to reading James's posts.

Sounds like last night was a blast. I definitely plan to be there next year.

John Bailey said...

It was a nice time last night, but it did make for a tough time getting out of bed this morning to teach school. Last night I also spotted Miller, Bates, Kittleman, Pendergrass, Kasemeyer, Ball, and Fox. In fact Fox gave me a ribbing for my recent decision.

wordbones said...


I forgot to mention that I spoke with Alan Kittleman as well. Thanks for reminding me.

I'm sorry I missed you as many people so little time.


jessiex said...

good to see you, too, wb. great convo, as always. and you spurred me to listen to your hocomojo podcast ... i caught the one with courtney watson. very nice, indeed. what a practical, down-to-earth gal/politician she is. it was nice to HEAR her natural voice and get a better sense of her.

Anonymous said...

Considering that she panders and talks from both sides of her mouth, which natural voice are you referring to?