Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Other “M” Month

Previously, in a post about The Stanford Grill I apparently got my “m” months mixed up. I could swear that I had been told that that the new restaurant in Columbia was going to open in mid March.

Then again I probably shouldn’t swear. I’ve now been informed that it will open in May, the other “m” month.

I’m not all that surprised actually. The owners are doing quite a bit of work on the former Lone Star Steakhouse. Not only is the interior of the former Texas roadhouse themed chain under going a million dollar renovation, the outside is getting a makeover as well with a new patio complete with the now fashionable outdoor fireplace. The new locally owned establishment is aiming to attract the same business casual crowd, a little more upscale than Houlihans for example.

Sounds like a nice setting for a fall or spring happy hour.

I’m actually kind of glad it’s been delayed a couple of months. I’m still working on snagging an invite to the opening party.


Brian said...

Hey WB! Post a pic of the burlap-covered traffic lights going up at New Cut Rd! I think you had a post about this in the past. Sorry for the threadjack.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to post something about the spring weather coming our way?