Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mary Kays Melting Pot

Mary Kay Sigaty should be happy with the turnout she received for her fundraiser in Wilde Lake tonight. With the notable exception of one local elected Dem, she was heartily embraced by her HoCo colleagues in the State Senate and the House of Delegates. Senators Kasemeyer and Robey were in attendance as well as Delegates Guzzone, Turner, and Pendergrass. Fellow council Dems, Calvin Ball and Jen Terassa were there and Courtney sent her regrets for her absence. Jim Robey offered up a glowing endorsement of Mary Kay on behalf of the Senate and House delegations.
Ken Ulman did his part too. Not only did he strongly endorse her reelection bid he also promised to actively work to help her keep her seat.

Not surprisingly, Liz was the only fellow elected Dem who didn’t post. Then again she did say that she was remaining neutral in this contest.

While I was talking to Guy Guzzone about the reelection prospects of Jen Terrasa, Jen herself came over to join the discussion. Needless to say she disagrees with my assessment that the job isn’t right for her and proceeded to make her case. We’ve agreed to get together for coffee and I told her that I would write a post about our meeting.

I also met Larry Walker, a candidate for the Board of Education. Larry is a fellow Wilde Lake High School alum so I liked the guy immediately.

And speaking of Larry, Larry Carson was there dutifully taking notes while the politicos sang. It struck me that this is the key difference between a real journalist and a blogger. While he was taking notes I was knocking back a couple of glasses of wine. I’ll link to his more studied piece of the event once it’s available online.

And speaking of wine. With the price of admittance to Councilperson Sigaty’s gathering at the Melting Pot restaurant you received two drink coupons. I used my first one right off but when I went back to the bar later for a reload I couldn’t find the second one. As I was fumbling in my pockets looking for it, Jon Weinstein came over and handed me his two tickets. He said he had to leave soon and hadn’t used them. I told him that the surest way to buy an Irishman’s vote is to buy him a drink. He then informed me that his wife was Irish. That makes him not half bad in my book.


HoCoRising said...

Thank goodness it was a toast and not a prayer. Last time I checked, Melting Pot doesn't have any desks to slam.

Nice post, WB. Doesn't seem like you got to chat with the guest of honor.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a nice time, and a nice post resulted. Ms. Sigaty has always seemed like a weak sister to me, the other Dems on the council carry her. So, I'm not surprised there was a turnout that became a love-fest for her.

Keep in mind that another difference between a pro journalist and a shouldn't accept free drinks while covering a story. They actually teach this in journalism school nowadays. Something about retaining objectivity. As a journalist, you should not have to pay a fee to be there, nor expect the perks that are given to "guests."

I'm just saying, as a former pro journalist and student of the field.

H.L Mencken would differ in this opinion, I'm sure, but then again, he was never an unbiased journalist.

"A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin."

Of course, you can always--and should always--buy your own drinks. You don't have to be Irish to appreciate a taste, there are some Danish bloggers and journalists out there!

My advice? Arrive late, leave early, trust no one, and get as much free food and drink as you can cram down.

Anonymous said...

I think Jen just picked you up.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Liz can play cute games. I wonder if the other Dems. played games with her and her primary race.

Anonymous said...

anon 10:29
So who are the strong Dems on the Council?

John Bailey said...

The Baltimore Sun article about this event quoted Liz Bobo as saying she sympathizes with Klien’s position, but won't work for him. After all she has done behind the scenes to try and block the downtown Columbia redevelopment and with the TAG petition drive, do we really believe that Liz is not going to be an active behind the scenes force for Alan during the next few months. It is as if Liz thinks no one will pay attention to what she does and we will all just take her at her word. I personally think that Columbia is growing very tired of her meddling and the games that she plays. I guess when you have been an entrenched incumbent for all these years you begin to lose a little perspective and think you can do what you want without any repercussions.

On a more positive note, it was a very nice event for Mary Kay last night. I even got to have a nice chat with the infamous wordbones.

Anonymous said...

Get real! All of Columbia is sick of her games?

Come on, now. No one can speak for the voters and no one can speak for all of Columbia.

Please, just - please.

Liz is extraordinarily popular.

Tom said...

How can anyone say the other Dem's carry MKS?! She did much of the heavy lifting while Chair of both the Village Center legislation and the Town Center legislation. Mary Kay has become one of our strongest Democrat Council Members She definitely deserves be re-elected.
And for those of you who think Mr Klein is an independent thinker and doesn't have strong ties to Liz, it is time to get real. Liz is still upset with MKS for flipping on the Tower four years ago. Liz will support Klein 100% behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

John, you need to learn about these things we call "paragraphs."

They're pretty cool,

They help you break your thoughts up into coherent chunks.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

For those voters who pay attention at all, which are never as many as we may think, either you love Liz or you hate Liz. There rarely is much in between.

Most who love Liz, she stands for "if it still works, it ain't broken." Why make changes just for the sake of making changes? Besides, the only people who benefit from change are greedy developers.

For those who hate Liz, see above. There has never, ever ever ever been a development project that Liz supported out of the gate. Route 100 she fought for years, at our great expense. Wegman's? Walgreen's? Downtown Columbia? Wilde Lake revitalization? Try and name any improvement that she either suggested herself or came out in support of. Can't do it.

And what makes Liz so insidious is that her methods are divisive. It's not just that a project isn't a good idea, it's that some developer or builder might make a profit. Or, if you support a project, you must have vested interest, and can't be trusted. It's always "us" against "them."

And Alan Klein, as Liz's true protoge, follows Liz's game plan to the letter.

As Casey Stengal would say, "You can look it up."

Anonymous said...

I have been saying it for quite a while.Liz has to go. Where is the champion who will replace her in Annapolis?

Tom said...

I think John Bailey says he would like to be your "Champion".

Anonymous said...

Liz is spiteful, divisive, mean-spirited and needs to lose her bully pulpit. I wish there was someone I could vote for. I don't know Mr. Bailey...but have never been fond of party changers.