Monday, May 10, 2010

The Cyber Security Corridor

The pieces are rapidly falling into place for the I-95 corridor between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore to become the world’s center for the nascent cyber security business. According to this article by Marjorie Censer in Capital Business, “More than a dozen companies with locations near Fort Meade have indicated they are expanding cyber practices, according to the Anne Arundel Economic Development Corp.”

It’s all about location, location, location.

“The government is doing its part by relocating the Defense Information Systems Agency from Falls Church to Fort Meade, Md. and establishing U.S. Cyber Command and the Navy's U.S. Fleet Cyber Command at Fort Meade. The base, just south of Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport, is already home to the National Security Agency.

The southern anchor could be the new Department of Homeland Security headquarters going up in southeast Washington. In between, sits NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, off the Baltimore Washington Parkway, and the University of Maryland's College Park campus."

Of course I do have a vested interest in seeing this happen with our speculative office building project in Emerson now just five months away from completion.

Bring it on!