Monday, May 24, 2010

Fear mongering

At his press conference today, Alan Klein spoke of fear mongering by those who would paint him as being anti development. He insists that he’s not.

The problem is that the only developments he supports are those that he and his supporters dream up. They support development scenarios conjured up in living rooms by people who aren’t putting actual capital at risk. They support Disney World with free all day passes.

What they don’t support is supportable development, the type of development that real capital would subject to risk with the reasonable expectation of a return.

I don’t think that’s fear mongering, I think that’s anti development.


Anonymous said...

Here we go again. Alan supports development.
Alan supports development. Alan supports development.Alan supports development. Alan
supports development. Get it yet?
You have the constitutional right to disagree.But why don't you use the truth? Could it be that you can't
fight a rational position of development in Columbia. but must exaggerate, distort and misrepresent
anything that disagrees with your position?
Just more blog fog.
Mary Pivar, never anonymous

jessiex said...

Mary, I think that's a lovely handle you have. What a fantastic brand to develop. I love it: "Mary Pivar, never anonymous."


Anonymous said...

Mary, what is an example of a development project that Alan supports?

Anonymous said...

Alan does NOT support any sustainable development. He supports developers paying for things but not making enough money to make the investment profitable.

Now, he is a candidate and has the duty to show us, his future constituents, how his plan is economically viable. How can a developer provde the amenities that are to be provided by GGP and not have the units that will produce profit over time?

As a citizen, he can ask lots of questions. As a candidate and potentially a representative, he has to provide some answers!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:03 pm....
Alan supports the development of downtown
Please take time to contact him yourself since that
will provide you real propaganda.

Anonymous @ 8:01 pm
Unfortunately, your comment is unsustainable in terms of both logic and reality.
Suggest you avoid assuming you get factual info on
blogs. Go to the source.

Yes, he must continue to repeat his concerns about
CB -58 & CB-59, which he provided earlier today.

Thank you jessiex,know you mean well, but I am not into brands or branding, myself or anyone else, sounds too much like what happens on a cattle ranch. :-)

Mary Pivar

jessiex said...

Hi Mary, Yes, I do mean well. You're a known person with a certain style and flair. Taking it up a notch and owning your name with a bit of panache sounds fun. :-)

Jen said...

I googled Alan Klein- does his campaign have a website? a blog? anything for those who work from 7-7 and cannot attend press conferences?

Anonymous said...

We can call each all the names we want, but here is the real difference between the candidates:

Alan Klein and his supporters stand for incremental improvements to make Columbia a better suburban community.

Mary Kay Sigaty and her supporters stand for a more urbanized plan that will create more jobs and housing opportunities, as well create an economic engine that will help Howard County move forward into the future.

Besides the substantive differences, Alan Klein and his supporters believe that anyone who supports the current plan has "sold out" to the greedy interests of GGP, and is willing to cheat and lie to get what they want. Clearly, that is not the case. We just have different visions. The sooner we can stop calling each other names, the better.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the blog host’s post: Good, good. We’ve got our pro GGP bailout develop at all costs candidates, and Klein. Thanks for promoting the distinction. Man, the out of touch group is constructing their own coffin. Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6 31, you might want to visit hocorising. There's no room for that level of sanity here.

Sarah said...

Jen: hear, hear.

Anonymous said...

I think that one anon poster the two points of view being batted about in HoCo pretty clearly: there are those who want incremental change that perserves the fundamental atmosphere of Columbia; and there are those who want BIG CHANGE NOW and a way to ramp up both business and country tax revenues. It's pretty clear which one won: the money alternative.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous 5/26 @ 9:56 for making my point! Your casting the vision of a more urbanized downtown at the "money alternative" in some pejorative manner is exactly the problem I was trying to describe. Never just anonymous, I am Anonymous 5/25 @ 6:31.