Thursday, May 27, 2010

Soaring Sales of Smart Phones

When I picked up a new smart phone earlier this month I didn’t realize I was part of the surge. According to last weeks Kiplinger Letter, sales of smart phones like the Droid and iPhone “are speading like wildfire among execs and workers in the field. 25% of all phones will be smart by 2011.”

At least our phones are getting smarter.


Jen said...

I won't give up my hot pink Razr. Work upgrades my BB every year and honestly, it is a treat when I can disconnect.

I love the idea of no one being able to reach me.

Anonymous said...

I'm commenting on your blog via my iphone. I think we had this conversation months back....glad you got a droid, although you actually impressed me as more of an iphone person.

Tom said...

It's just us users who are getting dumber.