Wednesday, May 19, 2010

AK Gunning for MK

Count me as one of those who wasn’t surprised by the news that Alan Klein will challenge Mary Kay Sigaty in the Democratic primary for the District 4 county council seat. Last summer I wrote a post about the rumor that his political sponsor, Liz Bobo, was pushing him to make a run for this seat. In the comments section of that post Alan wrote “Liz has never asked me to run for any office. Others have, but not Liz. At this point, I have said yes to no one on this issue.”

I’m not buying that.

Ever since Mary Kay found her own voice on the Town Center redevelopment issue, Liz has been peeved. Despite her claims to only be concerned with “statewide issues” she has diligently worked behind the scenes with CoFoCoDo, TAG and HCCA to derail General Growth’s Properties ambitious plans to remake the county’s urban and cultural center. Having now failed at that, she is now working to exact revenge on her fellow Democrat.

Of course Liz still says she is neutral in this dogfight. According to this story by Larry Carson in The Sun, Liz, referring to the Town Center debate, “said she would not openly take sides, though "it's no secret that I agree with [Klein] on this."

Not doubt that Liz and Alan were somewhat emboldened by the victory of Phil Kirsch over Linda Odum in the recent Columbia Council election in Wilde Lake. Phil was openly supported by Liz and Alan while Linda was seen as being more supportive of the Town Center plans.

Still, Alan Klein is about as deep as the water in Lake Kittamaqundi. As someone said to me recently, you can listen to him for about twenty minutes and he seems to put forth a good argument but once you get past that twenty minutes his logic sinks like the muck that lines the bottom of the lake.


John Bailey said...

Competition is always good. Hopefully this will bring more people out to the polls for the September 14th primary. I will openly take sides, as a voter in this district it should be no surprise that I support Mary Kay.

Anonymous said...

I have a video of Klein and Malone speaking at the council intake sessions on towne center. If I can find someone to teach me the video editor, I'll post it.

jessiex said...

Hey, Anonymous, I can teach you. Wait. OMG. You're not a real person. You're just "May 19, 2010 12:11 p.m." Oops, my bad.

Bob O said...

I noticed your mention of "muck." I hope you don't start raking it...I enjoy your blog too much!

Anonymous said...

Jessie DOES have a sense of humor after all. Thanks for the chuckle.

Anonymous said...

WB, I find I must agree with you. AK will be doing everything he can to create a divisive campaign where if you support the downtown plan for Columbia, you must be a "vested interest" only only out for your own selfish purposes. A true citizen of Columbia would support the referendum, and join those who have no vested interest in beating back the greedy developers. This will be AK's sole issue - an "us" against "them" scenario - nothing in between. It's going to have to get nasty in order for AK to have even a whisper of a chance because, right now, most people in Howard County and Columbia are pretty darn happy about the direction things are going.