Friday, May 14, 2010

Car Talk Two

The prognosis is in. The repairs to the BMW will run just over $1,200.00. While this may seem high to anyone who’s never owned a German sports car, I can tell you that it is on the low end of what I had anticipated. Danny Grant called me yesterday and told me that the car will be ready today. Decision time approaches.

There is another twist to this car dilemma. I neglected to point out in the previous post that the BMW was my mother’s car. When she passed away a little over six years ago, I purchased the car out of the estate. It had 14,000 miles on it at the time. She had waited until she had successfully raised seven kids, largely on her own, and was in her late seventies before purchasing a sports car that she had always wanted.

This of course only further complicates my decision process.

On the other hand, my very practical mother would undoubtedly advise keeping the SUV and offing the Beemer.

For now, I’ve decided to enjoy the car for the rest of this month. This is a great time to enjoy a car like this and that is exactly what I intend to do. Decision deferred…for now.


Freemarket said...

BMW question: what is the small square "hatch" on the rear bumper for? Is this some sort of diagnostic port? I have always wondered what that is for.

Anonymous said...

The small square patch is where you insert and screw in a tow hook to the bumper if you need to haul the car out of a ditch or up onto a flatbed. The square patch pops out with a flat head screw driver and then you thread the two hook-usually kept in the tool kit in the trunk-into it. It looks like a big eye bolt.

I have to tell you, I know how you feel. I actually inherited my Ford Explorer from my father when he passed away, and drove it for a year or so, before giving it to my daughter--who didn't like it at first. Once she started hauling things and driving in bad weather she told me, "Wow, Grandpa really knew what he was doing when he picked out a vehicle."

Glad to hear you got away with the traditional BMW one thousand dollar and change maintainance charge. I understand why your mother wanted to buy a BMW after all of her kids were out and on their own, the marque has a certain cachet to it. My mother bought a Mustang after we all moved out--woo hoo!--who knew she wanted one.

Cars are our primary means of transportation, and a means for accomplishing work. For example, I drive to work everyday, but on the weekends I go to the dump, tow things, and take long trips with my family. What are your practical considerations?

On the other hands, cars are probably the single most anthropomorphized piece of technology any one of ever owns. How do you FEEL about either of these cars? How does it make you feel?

And maybe it's time to break away from the past...your practical choice of an Explorer, your mother's choice of a BMW...

What do you really want to drive?

Go get it.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, what you drive is who you are.
I doubt that is true. What you drive will bring you pleasure. Well, not always. I always wanted a Jag. convertible. Had the money to spend.
I've driven a Triumph Spitfire, 4 different Z's, and was about to put my money on the Jag when I realized.
The Toyota Solara Convertible has a great ride, wind blowing through your hair, great pickup, a sporty feel, sell for 1/3 the price and repairs are 1/2 the cost. I've owned two Solara convertibles now and look forward to my next one which will be red.