Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Top Three

The Maryland political blog, Maryland Politics Watch, conducts a quarterly survey of the Maryland blogs that openly publish their blog visit statistics. In their most recent survey, Tales of Two Cities remains the third most visited local blog in the state behind Inside Charm City and Just Up The Pike.

We are gaining some traction though.

“The big story here is the end of Inside Charm City’s streak as the most-visited local blog since January 2008. Howard County’s Tales of Two Cities passed it in both March and April 2010 and Just Up the Pike passed it in March. These three are now effectively tied as the leading local blogs in the state.”

Thank you to all who visit here.


Freemarket said...


Jessiex said...

Ditto on FM's sentiment! You've earned your status, fer sure, wordbones.

Bob O said...

Well done!

Tom said...

Well deserved!