Friday, May 14, 2010

Cyber Report

I stumbled across the CyberMaryland report the other day. It’s a glossy sales pitch published by the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development for what the state is calling the “Epicenter for Information Security and Innovation.”


Anyway, the report makes the case for Maryland as a leader in the rapidly growing cyber security field. As our governor so eloquently states in his message on Page 3;

“Already a national epicenter of federal cyber security activities, Maryland is home to: the National Security Agency, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity, the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Defense Information Systems Agency headquarters beginning in 2010. Coupled with the expected location of the U.S. Cyber Command headquarters this year and the pending Department of Defense expansions of the intelligence and communications responsibilities at Fort Meade and at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland is the base for our nation’s efforts to defend and protect U.S. information networks.”

Amen to that brother Martin.

By the way, I counted five pages out of nineteen that included a picture of the gov including one with the prez, his new buddy.

The bottom line is that Maryland has a pretty compelling story to tell about it’s cyber security credentials and pedigree. They were doing cyber security over at Fort Meade long before anyone even thought about calling it that.

The report gives you a nice overview of the resources and talent in Maryland. What I didn’t like was the online interface provided by something called ISSUU . I found the navigation frustrating using a touch pad. Pages kept jumping around all over the place. I decided to download it instead but in order to do so I had to join ISSUU.

The joining process was equally cumbersome. I got locked out at one point and had to reboot my browser in order to get back in. Oh the trials I endure to blog

I’ll try and save any interested readers the same trouble by somehow linking my downloaded PDF version to this blog. I have no clue about how that might be accomplished and I am certainly open to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

MD state government propaganda. Disregard.