Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yappy Hour

If you are into the whole canine thing, you’d most likely enjoy Yappy Hour at the Wine Bin in Ellicott City. I know we did last night.

Though I was initially a little reluctant, Mama Wordbones convinced me to take our 13 year old lab with us. I really wasn’t sure if she was up to it. She doesn’t move around very well these days. A big walk now is once around the house. Sometimes she likes to take a break half way.

In any event she did fine. If a continually wagging tail is any gauge I’d have to say she enjoyed herself. Unofficially I was told by George’s owner that our girl Mars was the oldest dog in attendance. George is the other dog in the picture. He's twelve.

Yappy Hour is really a mini festival of sorts that works as fundraiser for a designated animal cause. The beer and wine are free but all tips go the animal charity of the evening. Baltimore Pet Pals were the volunteer bartenders.

There were vendors set up in the parking lot as well. David Workinger from PetsMart was handing out dog treats, tennis balls, t-shirts and what have you. We got some of that too.

You don’t have to bring a dog to come and have a good time at Yappy Hour either. I ran into Mr. HoCo Rising and his beautiful wife, Indiana Jane and they were dogless. They told me that their two dogs were intentionally left at home because they don’t do well with this much other canine stimulation.

There was also a band playing in the parking lot, a nice little three piece ensemble. David Carney, the impresario and host of Yappy Hour told me that they play for free to support the cause and because they happen to like dogs.

As I was leaving I asked a band member what the name of his group was. After he told me I turned to walk towards the car but was still within earshot when I heard him say, “He’ll never remember that.”

I resolved that despite the three or four glasses of wine (Mama Wordbones drove) I was going to go home and write it down immediately just to prove him wrong.

Of course I forgot to do that right away and about an hour later when I suddenly remembered to write it down, I had completely forgotten the name.

Dave texted me later and wrote “The musician is Mandy and Otis. Not aware of a “real” band name.”

The Wine Bin holds Yappy Hour on the third Friday of the month. That would put the next one on June 18th.


HoCoRising said...

Great to see you as always. It was also great to meet Mama Wordbones. Dave has a great place over there and the Wine Bin has become my go to wine shop. Add to that the fact that Jane is addicted to Parfections (we bought the reusable box this time) and I feel like we should have a mug on the wall...hmm...I may look into that.

Anonymous said...

Yappy hour is a fantastic idea, one of many that pack the streets of Old Ellicott City without packing the area with residential density.