Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can We Recycle This?

In our household (house of bones), quite frequently, someone will hold up a particular piece of household waste and ask, “Can I recycle this?”

This question is never asked of the easy stuff…papers, bottles, and such…it’s always raised with those tweener items like aerosol cans. The answer of course lies on the lid of the big blue bin that the county passed out last year but that sits outside, in the cold/heat snow/rain. These waste management issues demand immediate attention…no time for research.

Salvation of a sort arrived in the mail yesterday from the HoCo Department of Public Works. They sent us a postcard with the new 2010 Holiday Slide Schedule for trash collection. Since I’ve screwed this up before I took special notice of this information and that's when I discoverered the information bonus on the address side of the card. In the house of bones we all now know that yes, you can recycle EMPTY aerosol cans.

This is new information, sort of. I checked this list against what is listed on big blue and yes, aerosol cans are listed, but they are included under a picture of a tin can. On a cold dark winter night, you know, around dinner time, the words under the picture get a little lost.

So thank you DPW, for resolving at least one conflict in our home.

And remember, whatever day your normal trash collection falls on next week, it will actually slide to the next day instead because of Memorial Day. If your day is Saturday, however, no change for you.

This has been a public service message from Tales of Two Cities.


Sarah said...

We have this up on fridge: http://www.co.ho.md.us/DPW/DOCS/recycling_chart_web.pdf

Sarah said...

Argh. Link fail. How about this?

Tom said...

So now you are doing PSA's??