Sunday, September 20, 2009


Just a thought but isn’t the claim by the Howard County Citizens Association to be “the voice of the people of Howard County” a gross misrepresentation?

I have my own voice thank you very much.

Perhaps they should change their tag line to read “the voice of about 200 people in Howard County.”

Or how about this one: “County curmudgeons carping incessantly.”

Any other suggestions?


Anonymous said...

They've been annointed by the County Council with special privileges as well, so the fact that their membership is small feels inconsequential.

There was a time not too long ago that they even wanted to keep dissenters off their listserv. Guess it isn't the voices of Howard County they're interested in, just those voices that echo their own anti-growth, anti-next generation agenda.

Anonymous said...
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Mary said...

Anon 9:36 - not that your comment deserves a response, but, in this era of civility could you take a moment to clarify your remarks and and offer some examples?

Anonymous said...

I have no argument with their positions, but they are clearly not the voice of the county. They're disproportionately Columbians & Liberal. And they have about 160 members, not 200.

For an organization that professes to be throughout the county, this number is really inadequate.

The council doesn't support HCCA, they tolerate it; watch the hearings and note each council member's demeanor when HCCA speaks, and when, say, Brian England speaks. When is the last time HCCA influenced the council to change their position on a bill? 1970?

Newspapers would get better information by contacting CCD (500 members for a Colubmia issue), or other groups with many more members rather than this organization.

Tom said...

It takes one curmudgeon to recognize another curmudgeon. Just shows not all curmudgeons are the equal/same. So please don't throw us all into the same boat.

Anonymous said...

There is also a note of infallibility at HCCA. If the council accepts their position, they are right. If the council does not accept their position, it is not because they had a poorly crafted position, it is due to "the influence of money." So either they are right or the system is wrong. It would be refreshing if they admitted they sometimes are wrong; but that may be too much to ask from these folks.

wordbones said...

Anon 9:36 PM,

I am always loathe to delete a comment but in this case I am afraid you went a little over the top. If you feel that strongly about HCCA please, as another commenter Mary suggested, "take a moment to clarify your remarks and and offer some examples."


Anonymous said...

Anon 9:00, it's even worse than that. When the council adopts the HCCA position (again, not because they're influenced by HCCA), HCCA claims an exuberant victory. When the council decides opposite the HCCA position, HCCA profusely praises the council for all their hard work. It's very distasteful and disingenuous.