Friday, May 08, 2009

The Morning After

Last night was the 27th annual Columbia Foundation Spring Party. This is a great event because it seems like everyone I know in Howard County, friends and foes alike, attends this early spring affair.

The weather gods cooperated last night and guests spilled out onto the patios overlooking Lake Kittamaqundi to enjoy the pleasant spring air. In fact the air outside was far preferable to the stuffy air instead the Spear Center. That’s where Ian Kennedy, Jessie Newburn and Bill Santos posed for this picture with some old guy.

As the sun set on the early evening party, many of the younger guests drifted across the street to That’s Amore. HoCoMoJo and the Columbia Foundation sponsored an event at the restaurant primarily for younger professionals (younger than me anyway). This kept the good vibe going after the foundation party ended at 8:30 PM. It was still hopping when I finally headed home at 10:30. The opportunity to connect with the next generation of county leaders was not missed by a few savvy politicos either. Attending the party after the party were Councilpersons Mary Kay Sigaty, Jen Terrasa, and Greg Fox. Delegate Guy Guzzone was also working the room.

Today, it’s back to work and reality. Tonight it will be a spring party of a different sort with the annual spring picnic at Worthington Elementary School. This time Peanut will be the social butterfly.


JessieX said...

Good to see you, Mr. Wordbones, and the crew at the Columbia Foundation Spring Party. My dad and I go each year; it's probably a stronger tradition for us than celebrating "father's day," which I tend to find a bit fabricated and awkward as a holiday.

But speaking of father's: isn't that Ian, the a brand new father of beautiful baby Penelope on the far left of the photo? And isn't that Bill, the father of baby Olivia and her older brother on the far right? And, you? Aren't you a father of a bright young girl (a tweenager, no less)? Ah, here's wishing all of you -- and my dad -- an early Father's Day during Mother's Day weekend.

Candace Dodson Reed said...

Thanks for mentioning twentyfivefortyfive's springpartyafterparty! Hope you had a good time.