Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food Bank Makeover

When the HoCo Food Bank first opened about five years ago it basically adapted to the space it leased. When the lease came up for renewal last year, Bita Dayhoff, who was then Vice President of the Howard County Community Action Council, decided that this was an opportunity to either fix the existing space or move to a new space that functioned better for clients and donors. After about four months of scouring for alternative sites while simultaneously holding renewal discussions with the current landlord the decision was made to stay put.

The landlord, AMB Property Corporation, agreed to give the space a complete makeover in exchange for renewing the lease. Yesterday, the HoCo CAC held a grand opening to show off what they’d accomplished. It is really an impressive transformation.

A good contingent of loco politicos showed up to help Bita, now the president of the CAC, to cut the ribbon including Mary Kay Sigaty and Liz Bobo. It was smart for Bita to stand between these two since they are both holding sharp objects.

And what is up with Frank Turner’s and his tourist attire?
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