Monday, July 12, 2010

The Prairie Blog Blues

Since Columbia/Ellicott City have been singled out by Money magazine as the second best small city to live in America I was curious to find out more about the number one place, Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

I decided to look into their local blog scene for starters and it didn’t take long for me to stumble upon Gavin Sullivan. I read a couple of his posts, liked what I read and sent him an email. I asked him if being number one was big news there. I also asked him if the snow had melted yet.

He replied right away.

“I haven't reviewed Money's criteria or methodology--and I enjoy aspects of life in Eden Praire. But to be honest, I consider this to be an astoundingly brain-dead place to live.”


He also told me the most popular blog in Eden Prairie was “The Activist Next Door” which happens to be the local blog of one of the co-authors of The List, Sheila Corbett Kihne. The List is another one of those how to books for culling the herd of men to find the perfect mate. It’s along the same lines as The Rules. I'm surprised her blog isn't called "The Blog."

I couldn’t find an email address on her blog so I left a comment on her most recent post. It hasn’t passed moderation scrutiny yet.

I don’t expect I’ll hear from her though. I may have sounded a bit too edgy. Gavin tells me that Sheila “doesn't allow non-adoring comments on her site, so I've long since been blacklisted there...”

The snow may have melted but apparently there’s still a chill in the blogosphere air in EP.

I think it’s much more congenial here in good old number two HoCo.
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