Thursday, July 15, 2010

Trouble in Paradise

The Columbia Democratic Club made their endorsements for the upcoming elections at a meeting in Long Reach last night. Though all Democratic incumbents were endorsed, the smallest vote getter of the evening was Liz Bobo. It took 54 votes out of 107 to receive the clubs endorsement and Liz received 70. While that may seem like a comfortable margin it pales in comparison with the other local candidates. Courtney Watson received 98 votes, Maryann Maher and Jon Weinstein each received 97 votes, Calvin Ball received 96 votes Ken Ulman and Jen Terrasa each received 95 votes, and Mary Kay Sigaty received 88 votes.

This is the first sign that the vaunted Liz machine may be running out of gas. I expect her race to get pretty ugly before the summer is over.
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