Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Local Blogger Makes It Big

Shortly after I started blogging four years ago, Jesse Newburn and Cheri Beck hosted a gathering of local bloggers with David Hobby. At the time, David was already established as a very successful blogger with a worldwide audience. He was the first guy I’d met who was also earning a comfortable living entirely from blogging. I was blown away by his little Blogging 101 seminar in Cheri’s basement.

Now, according to this story by Luke Broadwater in The Columbia Flier his blog, The Strobist, has been “named by Time magazine as one of the Top 25 Blogs of 2010.”

To put this into perspective, according to Royal Pingdom in 2009 there were approximately 126 million blogs.

Congratulations Dave!

You can find the Time story here.
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