Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Night at Victoria

Last night I dropped into Victoria to grab a bite to eat. I sat at the bar next to a guy who told me he was a cyber security guy. He works in Annapolis Junction. I’m not going to say much more about him out of respect for whatever clearances he might have.

One of the more interesting things he shared with me was that the new 400,000 square foot Defense Information Systems Agency building at Fort Meade is already at capacity. It isn’t even finished and occupied yet plans are well underway for a second building as large if not larger.

It’s been a couple of years since the BRAC expansion at Fort Meade was announced with much fanfare. Its true economic impact is only now beginning to hit, big time.

After I finished eating, David Yungmann invited me to join him for drink. David was sitting with Kristi Simon and Chris Oxenham. This was the first time I’d met Chris in person. The first time I talked to him he had called me to complain about my treatment of Warren Miller in this blog. He did not succeed in changing my opinion of Warren but I give him high marks for trying.

Chris is candidate himself. He is running for the HoCo Republican Central Committee. Chris is a young man with lots of energy and ideas for bringing more young voters into the Republican fold. And though he continually referred to me as a “liberal” as if I was some sort of anti-Christ, I still kind of liked him.

The four of us also talked about the local blog scene and noted, despite Chris’ view of me, the absence of a good lefty blogger in HoCo. I actually had this same conversation with Dave and Ilana Bittner lately. HoCoMoJo would love to have a lefty blog or podcast on their site but no one seems to want to play.

What’s up with the HoCo loco lefty’s?

Donkey got your tongue?
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