Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rainy Day Ruminations

Since it’s been so long since we’ve had a rainy Saturday I’ve decided to embrace the moment. Mama Wordbones has headed off to fine stores everywhere, Peanut and two friends are ensconced in the Lounge where they’ve been holding up since the sleepover last night. They have computers, video games and the various offerings of FIOS. So far at least they are not bored.

Mars is resting comfortably in the kitchen where there’s a nice cross through breeze. I just gave her a biscuit, just because.

As for me I’m settled into my office, BB King’s Bluesville tuned in, windows open, writing about stuff I’ve been thinking about lately.

One of those things is the District 12B House of Delegates race. Much has been written about this race already largely because it is one of the few truly interesting races this year. It is one of the few races where there is a primary contest and it features an incumbent who was also a former county executive. I was thinking about this race because I ran into John Bailey and his bride at the Stanford Grill last Thursday. They were celebrating either an anniversary or a birthday, I can’t recall. I do recall making a comment about his attire. He was wearing his trademark baby blue campaign golf shirt. I think he said something about wearing it all the time now.

That’s probably a good idea. Unseating an established pol such as Liz Bobo, whose tentacles reach far and deep into the district, is a formidable undertaking. He’s already lost his balance once when he suddenly switched from being a Repub to a Dem in order to improve his odds. That turned off a few potential supporters and he needs all he can get. Time will tell if the switch gives him an edge but it will always be part of his narrative.

So far John has been trying to win converts by not being Liz. That’s not a bad strategy but in and of itself it’s not enough. He really needs to convince supporters that he can defeat her. Many of the people I’ve talked with say candidly that he hasn’t got a chance. A few local wags have even begun referring to him as John But, as in “I like John but…”

What really raised the drama in this race was the last minute entry of a GOP challenger. Up until last week it looked as if the primary winner would not face any opposition in November. Robert Wheatley changed that when he filed to run as a Repub. As HoCo Rising smartly pointed out this changes the dynamics for the anti Liz crowd, assuming of course that Bob is more simpatico to their way of thinking.

I said assuming because I don’t know Mr. Wheatley. I do intend to make his acquaintance soon and will report back accordingly.
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