Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bee Squeeze and Pink Shih Tzus

Peanut and I dropped by the International Day Festival last night. We were on our way to The Mall when I remembered reading a blog post about it on Columbia Talk so we made a diversion to the lakefront to check it out.

The first booth we encountered was “Don’t Squeeze the Bees,” an advocacy group for HoCo beekeepers. HoCo bee keepers are hoping to win an exception to the current requirement that honeybee apiaries be a minimum of 200 feet from an adjoining property through the passage of ZRA 117.

I told the guy in the booth that I learned of this issue from a fellow local blogger.

Not surprisingly, we encountered some politicking at the event, including this fellow who stood by the spot-a-pots, presumably working on behalf of Alan Klein. Peanut thought he looked a little scary, kind of like Lurch from the Adams Family.

I also ran into John Bailey. We shared a laugh about the Ken Aldrich story and John told me it was guys like him that turned him off from the Republican Party. John informed me that Ken is also a Minuteman, a group of immigrant bashing vigilantes.

A little later I ran into Liz and her husband Lloyd Knowles. Lloyd paid me a compliment on my brief brush with fame last week and Liz wondered if the influx of all of these intelligence engineers might cause a shift to the right in local politics. She followed up by saying that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Yeah right.

As we walked around the booths Peanut spied a pink Shih Tzu marionette and fell in love and so I shelled out eight bucks and the puppet got a new home. I'm such a dad sometimes.

After we left the lakefront we finally headed over the climate controlled Mall. It was more crowded than the lakefront.
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