Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fat, Dumb and Happy

That’s how Ken Aldrich describes HoCo voters.

Who is Ken Aldrich?

Ken is the chair of the Taxpayer Protection Initiative, a nationwide Tea Party effort to require a super majority for any proposed tax increases. His group is collecting signatures in hopes of getting this initiative on the ballot in HoCo this fall.

It’s not going very well. According to Larry Carsons Political Notebook in The Sun, with a rapidly approaching deadline of August 9th, Ken is about 12,000 signatures short of what he needs.

He sure has a funny way of trying to win new friends and supporters. As if it wasn’t just bad enough being quoted by Larry as calling HoCo residents “fat, dumb, and happy,” he also called them couch potatoes.

HoCo Rising also posted about Kens stumbling effort this morning.

This was simply a bad idea to begin with.
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