Saturday, June 05, 2010

The HoCo Uber Lib Club

I suspected that Mary Ann Maher might be a little more than left of center politico when I saw her hanging out with Angie Beltram at Liz Bobo’s legislative “be in” back in February. It now appears that those suspicions were well founded. Progressive Maryland, a far left leaning advocacy organization has endorsed Delegates Liz Bobo (District 12B), Shane Pendergrass (District 13), and Frank Turner (District 13) for reelection.

They also endorsed Mary Ann Maher for District 9A. This kind of endorsement might be helpful down in Savage but no so much I think in District 9A.

She’s toast.


joven said...

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Frank Hecker said...

Wordbones: I doubt I'd agree with all the positions that Progressive Maryland takes, but "far left leaning"?? "Far left" is like the Socialist Workers Party or the Communist Party of the USA. Based on my review just now of their web site, Progressive Maryland seems to be a fairly mainstream liberal/left/progressive organization.

(And to be fair in the other direction, I'd reserve the term "far-right" for groups like the John Birch Society.)

Pat said...

WB: It seems like you can't resist hyperbole, ridicule and exageration for those you disagree with. Do you have any mirrors in your house?

FreeMarket said...

Agreed, she's toast. She doesn't play the game very well.