Thursday, July 08, 2010

Another Dog Down

The old dogs club in our neighborhood lost one of its charter members this week. One Eyed Jack has left the hood.

He literally went out with a bang. He was amongst the last holdouts at our neighborhood July 4th party on Saturday. He hung with two of his fellow old dog club members until the wee hours of Sunday morning. He was a true party animal.

We were never exactly sure how old Jack was. When Melanie found him lying on the road the vet guessed he was somewhere between one and two. He was pretty beat up too, as evidenced by his one eye. Those early hard years were in stark contrast to his golden years. Jack had air conditioning and a soft bed. He was well fed.

Near as you could tell he was a black lab, albeit a big black lab. Perhaps one of his parents was a bear.

One Eyed Jack was a gentle soul. His spirit will be missed. The ranks are thinning.
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