Sunday, July 18, 2010

Unsteady Ground

As we were preparing our news stories for the podcast last Friday, Paul mentioned to me that Columbia, or more specifically, Allview Estates, was a center of seismic activity in Maryland. According to some research that he uncovered about the history of earthquakes in Maryland 30% of all the Maryland quakes between 1758 and 2005 “occurred in Alliew Estates.”

This earth shattering news was also mentioned in this story by David Brown inThe Washington Post yesterday.

“Maryland had 61 earthquakes between 1758 and 2002. The two strongest ones -- in Annapolis in 1758, and in Phoenix, in Baltimore County, in 1939 -- are estimated to have been magnitude 3.7, a tad stronger than this week's. Columbia had 19 shakes, most scarcely perceptible, between March and December 1993.”
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