Thursday, July 22, 2010

Supersweet vs. Silver Queen

Summer time in Maryland is corn on the cob time. I grew up loving the sweet taste of freshly picked corn. Growing up I learned from my mother that silver queen was the corn of corn.

No longer.

Yesterday, when I stopped by the Baugher farm stand in Ellicott City to pick up a watermelon, I spotted a hand lettered sign announcing freshly picked corn. Joan Baugher told me it had just been picked that morning.

“Isn’t it a bit early for local corn?” I asked.

“Not for supersweet,” she told me. “Silver queen takes ninety days while super sweet takes about thirty.”

To be honest I had never heard of “supersweet” before.

“To tell you the truth I like the supersweet better than the silver queen,” Joan confided.

We quick boiled a few ears for dinner last night and indeed, ‘twas super sweet. The watermelon was pretty juicy too.
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